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Quality Masonry Services from Our New York City Professionals

24 Hour Emergency Sidewalk Repair Specialists

Masonry services offered by our New York City team can keep your property looking great while maintaining its value and structural integrity. Native Concrete & Sidewalk provides top-notch masonry services in NYC which is ideal for construction or repair of any establishment. Look to our experienced sidewalk repair experts today if you're in need of any of these masonry services that we proudly offer:

Brick work

Brick Work

From installation to upkeep, we provide all the brickwork you should need to keep your New York City property looking great and standing strong.

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Brick inspection

Brick Inspection

We'll thoroughly inspect your brick installations to check for cracks, loose bricks, and other eyesores and hazards that might be present.

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Brick pointing grinding

Brick Grinding and Pointing

Brick grinding and pointing is an essential masonry service for maintaining the overall look and durability of your brickwork, and it's a service we proudly offer.

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Brick step repair

Brick Step Repair

Our New York City team will get your brick steps back in the safest and best-looking condition with our brick step repair service.

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Brick steps

Brick Steps

Brick steps add a beautiful look to your property, and they're also durable and long-lasting, making them an excellent mortar installation to invest in.

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Brick wall crack repair

Brick Wall Leaks Repair

Brick wall leaks can quickly lead to substantial structural damage and even mold growth, so look to our New York City team to get any such leaks repaired ASAP.

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Linten repair

Lintel Repair

Brick lintels add beauty and structural durability to your property, so be sure you have us handle any lintel repairs needed as soon as possible.

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Leaking step repair

Leaking Steps Repair

Our mortar specialists will save your brick steps from complete ruination with our quick and thorough leaking steps repair.

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24 Hour Emergency Sidewalk Repair Specialists


If you are looking for New York City masonry experts, please call 917-975-9066 or complete our online request form.