Sidewalk Repair Tips & Articles

Common Causes Of Sidewalk Damage

Sidewalk issues can strike with seemingly no warning, resulting in the need for a visit from our New York City sidewalk repair company. In this article, we’ll detail a few common causes of sidewalk damage so you can get a jump on the repair work

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Importance Of Brick Step Repair

Brick steps are noted for the beauty and longevity they can bring to your New York City property. Unfortunately, like any masonry installation, brick steps can suffer wear and tear from the weather, temperature, and other factors, resulting in a variety of issues

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Sidewalk Violation Facts

So, you’ve been served with a sidewalk violation notice from the New York City DOT because of sidewalk cracks, exposed hardware, or other hazards. What’s next? Our sidewalk repair company will make sure you know what’s next. You can learn that by giving this article a read

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