Leave Your DOT Violation Repairs in Our Dependable Hands

Public safety is a major concern in New York City. Any kind of damage on the sidewalk, therefore, becomes trouble. Sidewalk defects present a safety hazard for pedestrians, and the DOT wastes no time issuing sidewalk violation notices to businesses that don’t comply with sidewalk codes. The property owners may get violation notice from DOT if they do not take care of the adjacent sidewalks properly. If you’re in violation of such codes, look to our New York City team for DOT violation repairs, which will effectively address common violations such as . . .

  • Sidewalk cracks
  • Exposed hardware in your sidewalk
  • Improper sidewalk slope
  • Missing or damaged sections of curb

Our New York City-based sidewalk repair company takes these violations seriously and promises to provide quick work that will address them to the letter to ensure your property is code-compliant. Let us prevent you from paying hefty fines to the DOT with our violation repair work today.

Why to Leave Your DOT Violation Repair Work in Our Hands

At Native Concrete & Sidewalk, our mission is to provide the DOT violation repair work you need in a timely and efficient manner. We have years of experience in the industry, and that experience is what helps us to tackle even the most difficult repair jobs thrown at us. Our DOT violation repair work in NY largely covers the areas of Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Vernon, White Plains City, etc

Don’t take our word for it: Check out our latest projects of DOT violation repairs in NYC on our page that comprises of before-and-after examples of our work. These examples clearly depict the quality of work we consistently provide. We will provide the same quality of work for your violation repair needs, so be sure you call us as soon as you’re issued a violation notice for sidewalk violations in NYC.

Look to Our New York City Team for All of Your Sidewalk Needs

Not all sidewalk issues require in-depth repair. Many can be solved with simple sidewalk patchwork. If you’re unsure of the work needed to get your sidewalk back up to code, just give us a call. We’ll be onsite in no time to determine the damages at hand and give you a detailed report of how much or how little work is required to get your sidewalk back in shape. Contact us ASAP for removing sidewalk violations in NYC.

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