Common Causes Of Sidewalk Damage

Sidewalk issues can strike with seemingly no warning, resulting in the need for a visit from our New York City sidewalk repair companyIn this article, we’ll detail a few common causes of sidewalk damage so you can get a jump on the repair work and avoid these common issues that can accompany such damages:

  • Reduced curb appeal
  • Greater likelihood of injuries being sustained on your property
  • The chance you’ll get a sidewalk repair fine from the DOT

Tree Roots

If you have trees growing near your sidewalk, be vigilant for the condition of that sidewalk, which can become damaged over time because of tree root growth. Signaled by large cracks and even loosened sections of concrete, sidewalks suffering from this damage could require heavily involved repairs over time.

Ground Settlement

Sure, you can always remove trees that are near your sidewalk and eliminate that hazard. However, you can’t remove the ground from underneath your sidewalk. So, remain aware that you could require sidewalk repair work over time as the ground shifts and settles.

Temperature Fluctuations

Be cautious when the temperature fluctuates widely from hot to cold or vice-versa. Sharp fluctuations in the temperature can cause your sidewalk and its components to grow and shrink, and this growth and shrinkage can result in cracks and other damages.