Sidewalk Violation Facts

So, you’ve been served with a sidewalk violation notice from the New York City DOT because of sidewalk cracks, exposed hardware, or other hazards. What’s next? Our sidewalk repair company will make sure you know what’s next. You can learn that by giving this article a read:

You Don’t Have to Pay a Fine—Yet

A notice itself doesn’t mean you’re about to incur a fine. Rather, you should think of it as a warning of expenses that you WILL face if you ignore the notice for too long. How long is that?

Repairs Must Be Handled within 75 Days

Seventy-five days should be plenty of time for even the busiest company to address sidewalk issues. Your next question may concern what happens if you exceed this timeframe.

The DOT Will Handle Unaddressed Work—And Bill You for It

If you have a concrete sidewalk, the DOT will send a contractor out to handle the sidewalk repair work for you. That doesn’t mean you got off scot-free, though: You’ll have to foot the bill.

Call 311 for a Dismissal Inspection

Once your sidewalk issues are resolved, your next course of action will be to call 311 for a dismissal inspection, which will put the entire matter to rest. When making this call, be sure you have the following information ready:

  • The permit number
  • The property address
  • The block and lot number
  • The violation number

You Can Bypass a Follow-Up Inspection with an Expedited Repair

Of course, you can go right from the notice to the end of the matter by forking over the money for an expedited repair, which the DOT will arrange. This service will ensure your concrete is up to code, negating the need for a follow-up inspection. Taking this route, your only responsibility is paying for the work.